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Activities in Stella Nova are run as Satellite Groups of the main club, each Satellite Group has an organisor (or two), who sets the date and venue for the activity.

Most events are held on a regular basis, others whenever someone organises it. Please contact the organisor for the particular event you are interested in, or subscribe to the events mailing list to be kept informed. Also look at the Calendar

  Group Organisor Days

Flag BOG
(Board Oriented Gaming)

Games will be announced

Book B.O.O.K
(Bibliophiles Oook OK)
Maree Pavletich
Fourth Monday of the month.

computers Computer Gaming
(X-Box and PC)
Peter Hamilton
Inaugural event to be held at the Club Camps

Scissor Costume Making   Quite often run at Club Camps or Conventions

  Crew Meetings all the crew
First Wednesday of the month.

Filking   Filking   At every Science Fiction Convention

FGT Club   The FGT Club
(Fingers Glued Together Club)
Model Making
Kimberley Adhoc.

Video Critics   Movie Watchers
Ad hoc, as the movies come out, usually Monday or Tuesday

Dice Role-players Jacqui Smith
Fourth Wednesday of the month

skull Serial Killers Malcolm / Struan
SF/F TV Shows, Alternate Sunday's.

Camera Shutter Bugs (Photography) Keith Smith
(no fixed meeting day).

Writer S.N.I.P.S.
(writers' group)

About every month (dates to be anounced).

space S.P.A.C.E.
(Social Port And Chocolate Exchange)
Peter Hamilton
First Friday of the month.

Theatre A Theatrical Troupe
(Stage Plays)
  Currently no meetings
A new production expected to start in 2003.

Video Critics Video Critics
(Video/DVD Watching)
Peter Hamilton
Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month.

Movie Mechanics Video Mechanics
(Video Making)
Brian King First Thursday of the Month

Zap Zap
(Laser Tag)
Peter Hamilton
Held whenever we feel like it.

Mouse Internet Techies Martin Kealey
You Are Here!
(any day on the net).

... and some of us even read SF too!

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