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We have various mailing lists to which you can subscribe, and post messages too. These will allow you to find out what's happening in the Science Fiction world, or to keep in touch with other members of the club.

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There are a number of lists you can subscribe to, depending on your level of interest; note that all these lists are targeted at New Zealand citizens, residents and expatriates -- they are not likely to be of interest to most non-New Zealanders.

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  • The names and addresses collected here are not for sale. We do our darndest to protect this information, but we disclaim any legal liability if our efforts aren't enough; if you don't accept, don't subscribe.
  • A common system underlies all mailing lists under, so addresses may be shared between them. In particular, the conventions list and the Stella Nova lists are run by separate people, who cooperate to make sure that addresses are kept up-to-date.
  • Your email address may be disclosed to the recipients of any message you send to any of our lists. (You didn't expect otherwise did you?)
  • The names (but not the addresses) of subscribers to each list are available to anyone on that list -- it seems fair enough that you should know who is going to receive your missives when you post.
  • There is a forwarding mechanism for personal communications -- please ask for details.

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