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Anniversary Weekend 2002 Club Camp

When: Evening of Friday 25th to Monday 28th January 2002

Where: We have hired the new YMCA camp at Waiwera for the long weekend and invite you all to attend a weekend of fun.

Expected events include:

For those who want to hide inside:

  • Board gaming
  • Video watching
  • Video making
  • Modelenary
  • Costuming discussions

For people brave enough to venture out into the great outdoors (sunshine hoped for but not guaranteed):

  • Water-pistol fights (BYO water-weapons)
  • Visits to the Hot pools (discount rates are apparently available)
  • Walks along the beach

If there is anything else that you would like to organise or see happen please let us know - we're always keen for more ideas and people to run them.

The cost of the weekend is -

For Stella Nova Members $40
For non-members $50 (feel free to invite your friends as well)
For day attendances $10 per day and/or night

This includes someone else tidying up after us on the Monday.

Basic provisions (tea, coffee, milk, sugar) will be provided but all other food is your own responsibility. There is a restaurant/takeaways and a small dairy in Waiwera itself and Orewa (home of several shops and food places) is only 10/15 minutes away by car.

The sleeping facilities are bunk beds in cabins of 5 or 6 and communal bathing facilities (it is a camp after all). You will need to bring a sleeping bag. If you want a bit more comfort there is a Hotel just down the road (and several in Orewa) but you probably would need to book this early.

Please note that the camp generally does not allow Alcohol on the premises but we have permission to have liquor there if it is used sensibly and not abused. Therefore we would appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

Please let me know by 15 January if you are planning on coming to the camp. This doesn't mean we insist on pre-booking but I'd like to know how roughly many people to expect.

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