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(The Board Gamers)

A friendly get-together to shuffle little objects around big bits of cardboard. Gaming days/weekends will be announced.

BOG is supposed to be a friendly sit down rather than earnest competition. Games will be one-off, although we will be happy to organise repeat games if a game proves popular. We will not be running 'campaigns' in any way, shape, or form. This will make it easier for those of who attend on a one-off basis.

Most games take most of the day to play -- with few exceptions. So generally, interested parties should be prepared for a lot of sitting round, eating, drinking, and occasional movement (goodness -- isn't that the description of Heaven?)

Attendeance ranges from about ten to thirty four people. You need not attend every game; the game may not be of interest to you or the time may not fit in with your schedule.

This is run as part of Stella Nova, so the temptation is to play only Science Fiction or Fantasy-based games we don't want to do that, since it's quite confining.

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