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Wyrd Sisters

a play based on the story by
Terry Pratchett

Previously we undertook an ambitious plan to stage a production of Mort, a play based on the story of the same name by Terry Pratchett; by all accounts it was a great success.

As that was a success we did it again with Wyrd Sisters, also a Terry Pratchett book, also adapted by Stephen Briggs.

Currently no play is in production, as the creative members are currently involved in making a short film, see Video Mechanics.


The Stella-Nova Troupe is a group of Thespians [1], wanting to put on plays and theatrical type performances. If you are interested in any aspect of stage work, be it acting, stage managing, lighting, makeup, costumes, you name it, then please contact us. We do not limit this only to Stella-Nova members...

[1] I'll bet you can't even tell us where Thespia is...

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