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Stella Nova -- The FGT Club (Fingers Glued Together Club)
(Model Making)

Model making does not have to be a solitary pastime. These enthusiasts get together to share tricks of the trade and swap parts for sratch built models

This group aims to support a wide range of interests and abilities, from beginners who may never have built a model before, to ambitious robotics technicians, you name it, someone will build it.

Friendly advice, assistance and support is available for all projects.

Date : Sat, 12 Oct 2002

Hello there,
My name is Lyn Olsson, mother of Kimberley who is in the Stella Nova Club. I am 50 years old tomorrow and am now having more fun than ever, and my long suffering husband tags along, missing the rugby games. I have been interested in models ever since 1996 when I became sick of picking up my sons models and have them fall to pieces all the time. I got the basics from him and now source things out for myself. I have shown some things at the local library but there was not much interest ( the children adored them, so the models were photographed and now sit in some dusty photo album in the library) so I was just going back into my hole to sulk when Colin suggested putting a few on display at the Star Wars swap meet.
Now, apparently there has been a lot of interest. That is what I want. I need like minded people, slightly nutty, to get together to sort out problems with our models, new techniques ( like using Klear floor cleaner for a high shine ) and please, someone to help with fibre optics. I have experimented with latex, copying models to change positions and even making fake feet for Lord of the Rings Hobbit character for my daughter to wear at the premiere of film two in December.
I do what I call dioramas, putting models into scenes e.g Predator and Arnie in river scene ( and giving Preddie a skull and spine to hold ). I am meeting some very interesting people, including the special effects masters of Lord of the Rings. So, how about contacting my daughter through the Stella Nova Club and lets get together. Even if it’s only one or two of us, imagination has no limit!

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