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Editorial & Introduction

Welcome (at last) to the first issue of DreamSpace. This collection of short fiction is the first fiction fanzine to be published by the Science Fiction Modellers' Club of New Zealand. The editors, Grant Preston and Jacqui Smith, would like to thank the various authors featured herein for their contributions. We hope you enjoy this premiere issue, and it is anticipated that it will be the first of an on-going series.

Gremlins is a short short story by Jacqui Smith in a humourous vein. We're just glad they're in the story and not in our computers!

For The Benefit Of All Mankind is a much more serious story by Matthew Pavletich, again featuring computers and their pitfalls.

The House On Yesterday Hill and The Claw Of Time are two tales from the writing team of Matthew Pavletich, Maree Sole and Jacqui Smith, styled after the television series 'Sapphire and Steel'. The principal characters are all Elements, each controlled by one of the authors. Argon is Matthew's character, Amethyst is Maree's, and Amber is Jacqui's. Together they seek out irregularities and put time to rights.

A Party For Dayna is a story by Maree Sole set aboard the Liberator, telling us what the brave heroes might get up to on one of their rare days off.

To Fly A Proud Ship is the first introductory story regarding the upgrading of the USS Essex, by the Essex Writer's Group, an S.I.G. of the Science Fiction Modellers Club. After over a year's worth of gathering contributions from various people, it finally gets to see the light of day on the web page, opening the door to other stories set on the club's very own starship. Many contributors have based their characters upon themselves, so don't be surprised if a familiar name or face crops up.


Gremlins - It's that time of year. (G)

For The Benefit Of All Mankind - Life is beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (G)

House On Yesterday Hill - A house is not evil, but evil needs a home. (PG)

A Party For Dayna - If music is the food of memory... (G)

The Claw Of Time - Cats only have nine lives, don't they? (G)

To Fly A Proud Ship - Pride comes before the fall. But sometimes after, too. (PG)

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DreamSpace - the fiction magazine of the Science Fiction Modellers' Club Of New Zealand, Volume One © January 1994. All original material is copyright to the credited authors. No attempt has been made to infringe upon any other copyright, intentionally or otherwise. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without permission, except for purposes of review. 'Star Trek' is copyright to Paramount Pictures Corporation. 'Blake's 7' is copyright to BBC Enterprises. 'Sapphire and Steel' is copyright to Peter J. Hammond. You read all this? You're really thorough!

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