This is a briefing document presented at the March 1997 Special General Meeting of the
Stella Nova Science Fiction and Fantasy Club.
This is not a communication of the Auckland Horticultural Council.
(This annotation added 24-Jul-2013.)

Auckland Horticulture Council

Auckland Horticulture Centre

The Auckland Horticulture Council owns a building at 990 Great North Rd, Western Springs, which is available for clubs meetings and functions throughout the year. While some preference is given to horticulture-related organisations, anyone can make a booking.




Rates are based on 75% of what Auckland City Council charges for similar premises.
Charges for week-day evenings:

  1. The large (Assid Corban) room is $50/meeting.
  2. The small rooms are $27/meeting each.
(The AHC also has the benefit of being generally a less officious organisation to deal with.)



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