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Novazine is a quarterly printed magazine produced by Stella Nova. Sporadically since 2000 it has been made available in electronic form; one issue in 1999, four issues in 2005, and continuously since 2010.

Also see our other publications.

History / Archives

Current Series


NovaZine was not produced between 2006 and 2009, however sporadic attempts were made to maintain a series of articles here in the Wiki.

Previous Series

Before the club changed its name (from the Science Fiction Modellers' Club), the regular magazine titled ModelSpace. The name of the magazine was changed from ModelSpace to NovaZine at the same time as the club changed its name to Stella Nova.

The final issue of ModelSpace was number 100. Various editors then numbered Novazine starting at 101 or at 1; the numbering below assumes numbering from 1, although that may not agree with the numbering used within the issues themselves.

Only a handful of issues are available on-line:


ModelSpace is not currently available on-line.

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