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What are the benefits of becoming a member of Stella Nova?

  • The right to edit this wiki.
  • Receiving emails about upcoming club events, and others of potential interest to members.
  • Attending most of the satellite groups and club meetings for no extra charge. Some exceptions to this are the social outings where there may be an entrance fee charged by a third party, such as a movie theatre, or where we have to pay for the venue, such as Campcon.
  • Voting at the Annual General Meeting to elect the new Crew to run the club. (Note: Associate and Swap members can't attend the monthly main meetings nor vote.)


The treasurer collects the subscriptions. The earliest possible time to pay is immediately after the annual general meeting in March (early payment would be nice).

cost per year type explanation membership rights
$60 Household people living at the same address full for all
$40 Adult a waged individual full
$20 Student own declaration is sufficient full
Unwaged own declaration is sufficient full
Associate can attend satellite groups, but not the main meetings; can't vote associate
$0 Honorary awarded at the club's discretion full
In lieu awarded at the club's discretion to people who contribute materially to the club full
Swap used for swapping memberships with other SF&F clubs associate

How to pay

Subscriptions can be paid in person to the treasurer by cash or by personal cheque.

You can also pay by direct electronic transfer to account number 12-3057-0854983-00 (receiver name: Stella Nova). In the reference details, please write "membship" and your last name, then communicate to the treasurer the fact that you've paid, what membership type (or types) it's for, and the full names of all the people covered.

Mailing list

The club's mailing list is open to anyone, not just members, but non-members will occasionally be nagged to join. :-)

You can sign up by filling out the on-line form.

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