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To find out more about any of these events, contact a crew member. As a rule, the events start at 7:30 pm. A meeting is not held if it falls on a public holiday or on an SF&F convention.

Please note, that because of privacy, for those meetings held at members' homes, only the host can add the address and contact details to this wiki, if they wish to. However, the addresses of upcoming events will be (a) announced at the main club meeting, and (b) emailed to the events mailing list shortly beforehand. (If you miss the announcement please ask the crew.)

If no meeting place is mentioned in the schedule, then it either hasn't been decided yet, or more likely in the case of near-future events, we've forgotten to update this page.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings occur on their periodic dates unless that falls on a public holiday, or during a national SF convention, or between Christmas eve and Auckland Anniversary day.

The main club meeting

The main club meeting takes place on the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:30 pm. It rotates tri-monthly between private venues (announced on the mailing list) and the Auckland Horticultural Centre 990 Great North Road, Western Springs (at the intersection with Motions Road). The driveway entrance is on the right-hand side of the stone archway.

Upcoming events, such as SPACE, BOOK, and BOG meetings, etc., are announced here. There's occasionally an SF&F-themed quiz.

The monthly meetings are also occasion for planning activities and trips involving the whole membership, and for the satellite groups to report.

The March meeting is the Annual General Meeting.

The crew meeting

The crew (or committee) meeting takes place immediately preceding each SPACE. All members are welcome to come to these meetings.


SPACE stands for Social Port And Chocolate Exchange; in other words, an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. It's on the first Friday of the month, unless that falls on a public holiday or during a convention. The party starts at 7:30 pm at the home of a Stella Nova member.


Date Where Theme
23 Mar 2015 BOOK at Jacqui Smith & Keith Smith's place.
03 Apr 2015 PIGS in SPACE at the convention


BOOK stands for Bibliophiles Ook OK!, and "ook" is a reference to the Librarian from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

This is a gathering to show and tell about books you've recently read. It's on the fourth Monday of each month (unless it falls on a public holiday or during a convention), starting at 7:30 pm, at the home of a Stella Nova member. It's a good way to find out about new authors, and an occasion for borrowing and lending books. Bring a book or two and your sense of humour.

If you are only interested in attending BOOK, but in nothing else that Stella Nova does, you can buy an Associate membership instead of a full one. See the Membership page.

Another way to find out about new authors is via BookWyrms.


Date Where Theme

Occasional meetings


An irregular monthly-ish meeting, for playing board games, was introduced in February 2010. BOG meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month, starting at time determined by host (usually about 2pm)


Date Where Theme


Fridays at Keith and Jacqui's place in Mangere Bridge. The game is whatever we want to play at the time. Not a satellite group as such, as non-members are involved. New players always welcome.

Non-club regular meetings

Auckland SF Meetup

At Esquires in Lorne St, Auckland

Mt. Albert Games Group

  • Mt. Albert Games Group. 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesdays each month, 7:00 pm sharp to 11:00 pm. Mt. Albert Baptist, 732 New North Road, Auckland.


We organise events for our members. These outings might or might not be Science Fiction oriented; we just enjoy each others' company.


Date Where Theme

For bygone outings, see Previous outings.

Other events of interest

Please add what you think might be of interest to other members. It doesn't have to be only SF&F related.


For bygone conventions, see Previous conventions.

New Zealand

Remember: the upcoming national science fiction convention can always be found at — the only bookmark you'll ever need for science fiction in New Zealand!



  • 2014 - LonCon III - London, England - August 14-18
  • 2015 - Sasquan - Spokane, Washington State, USA - August 19-23


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