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Stella Nova is Auckland's main science fiction hobby club — and as far as we know, the only one.

It was once known as the Science Fiction Modellers' Club of NZ. The name was changed in 1996 to reflect the club's changing focus. We now embrace a broad range of creative and social activities, including, but not limited to: writing, film making, model making (yes, it still happens), and attending (and sometimes running!) science fiction conventions.


Monthly meetings are held at The Auckland Horticultural Centre. The BOOK meeting for discussing books is also monthly, as is the social evening, SPACE. There are also other satellite groups and activities. For details, see the Events page.


We are run by a benign dictatorship of a duly elected committee, called The Crew. Click here to see the crew list.


Click here to see the benefits and prices of membership.


Several of our members are also on the board of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand, SFFANZ. An umbrella organisation for clubs in New Zealand, SFFANZ aims to act as a national body separate from, but involved with, existing science fiction and fantasy clubs. As such, it hopes to be a major part of the structure of New Zealand fandom, enhancing liaisons between existing fan groups, providing support for events which transcend normal club structures (such as the annual national conventions), and providing a national voice for fandom. Here's the link to the SFFANZ website:

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