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Not a satellite group of Stella Nova… more like an asteroid. In the same solar system but people outside of Stella Nova can participate.

What is BookWyrms?

We buy new books to pass around the members of BookWyrms, with the purpose of the group is to enable members to:

  • Read the latest books at a cost effective price.
  • Encourage debut (and/or new to us) authors by buying their books.
  • Discover authors we want to read more of.

How does BookWyrms work?

Every two months we pick out the new authors from Barbara's Bookscatalogue and cast our votes as to our interest level in each book

(zero = not interested at all, 5 = I totally want to read this).

Depending on the number of members in the group we will buy at least a book a month (requires 10 paid members per month minimum). Any excess money will be spent on extra books depending on the interest level in the votes (may buy from previous months).

If you are a paid member your name will be pasted into the inside covers of the book, this shows that even if your membership lapses you can always read (re-read) the book.

Generally speaking we won't purchase any well known authors, nor the next book in a previously bought series, cause that's up to you if you wish to continue reading that author.

How do I join BookWyrms?

Bookwyrmz has concluded its existence due to Barbaras Books closing down, plus other reasons. The books are still circulating amongst the members.

If you know someone on the membership list contact them to get in touch with the administrator, because passing books on is usually done when we see each other socially. (and don’t want to add to the spam by putting email online).

$2 per month, paid in lots of $10 (5 months).

Once a book has made the rounds of all interested members (or a spouse/flatmate starts reading it), it can be borrowed at a cost of $1 per book (which helps us buy more books for us.

Books in BookWyrms Library

All books listed here were bought from Barbara's Books:


Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Erotic Fiction
Alternative History
New Zealand author


Books acquired in 2011.

(Not yet data-entered)


Books acquired in 2010.


Books acquired in 2009.


Books acquired in 2008.


Books acquired in 2007.


Books acquired in 2006.

Member List

Full list of active reviewers.

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