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Auckland Horticultural Centre

The Auckland Horticultural Council owns a building in Western Springs, available for club meetings and functions throughout the year. While some preference is given to horticulture-related organisations, anyone can make a booking.

This is the current venue for Stella Nova's monthly general meetings.

How to get there: The address is 990 Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland. This is 300 m west of MOTAT on the other side of Great North Road, at its T-intersection with Motions Road, which leads to the Auckland Zoo. The driveway entrance is on the right-hand side of the stone archway.


There are 3 meeting rooms:

The Assid Corban room
8.0 x 9.4 m (plus recess)
seats 80
The Robert Muldoon room
6.6 x 4.0 m
seats 26
parqué flooring
The Gordon Nicholls room
6.6 x 5.4 m
seats 35
parqué flooring

It is possible to hire a combination and use them as a single area, or divide them off for separate events. There are concertina connecting doors between:

  • the Assid Corban room and the Robert Muldoon room (2.3 metres wide), and
  • the Robert Muldoon room and the Gordon Nicholls room (3.9 metres wide).

Other features:

  • A kitchen (4.5 x 4.0 m) with a stove, zip, pie-warmer and dish-washer.
  • Storage lockers.
  • Parking for about 40 vehicles off-street.
  • A large out-door area (mostly grass, some bush).
  • Large plaza.
  • Tidily upkept.
  • A residential caretaker in a near-by building.

Anyone wishing to view the building is welcome to do so by prior arrangement.


Rates are based on 75% of what Auckland City Council charges for similar premises. Charges for week-day evenings:

  • The large (Assid Corban) room was $50/meeting in July 2001, but will be more by now.
  • The small rooms are $35/meeting each.

Stella Nova currently pays $420 a year (April 2009 to March 2010) for the monthly meetings in the northeastern room.


  • It's an extremely convenient location for people coming from all over town — 2 minutes from the Western Springs motorway off-ramp.
  • It's a very nice building, well upkept and very quiet (it's a solid stone base).
  • The AHC are nicer to deal with than the City Council.


  • We may have to share the building for occasional meetings (assuming we don't book and pay for the whole thing of course).
  • Prices are going up, so even though it'll probably be cheaper than the City Council, it still isn't going to be cheap.
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